A Treasured Souvenir From Disney World

A couple of months ago while planning our trip to Disney, I found a post about the artists they have that create silhouettes.  You can read about them and view the video about them on  Disney Parks Blog.

I decided that was definitely something I wanted to have done when we went.  They have a few locations around Magic Kingdom, one on Main Street and one  by the castle on the way to Liberty Square…

We had our son’s silhouette done at the one by the castle.  The woman who cut his silhouette is truly amazing.  What a fabulous skill she possesses.  We chatted a bit and she has been doing this for 20 years and she still loves doing it.   Here are a couple pictures of her doing her magic….IMG_8113


And here is the final product……IMG_8455

What an awesome souvenir!  I will treasure this forever.  Each time we go to Disney I plan on having this done.  This will last longer  and costs less than most t-shirts found at the park!

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