A Trip to the Flea Market

Brandon had a vacation day today so we took off to the  Hartville Flea Market.  The weather was supposed to clear up  but it sprinkled the whole time we were there.  There weren’t too many vendors there and the ones that were there were very busy covering and uncovering their items.  We did manage to score a couple good buy there.

First, I bought this Star Wars Naboo StarFighter for Dane…..IMG_9537

It is die cast and I can’t go wrong picking up anything Star Wars for him.  When we got home I noticed it was missing the tip off the left side engine.  I didn’t notice that when I bought it so I must have lost it while walking around the flea market.  I will have to find a fix for it.

The next find was this Vintage Candy Jar.IMG_9531

It looks pretty good next to my red clock on the counter!   I will have to find some yummy candy to fill it with.

Then for the ultimate deal of the day….free keys and a free lock……can’t beat free!IMG_9536

I’m not sure what I will do with the keys but Brandon already found a use for the lock, that is why it’s not in the picture.

When we left there and it was just before noon and a little bit too early for lunch.  We decided to go to the Antiques Mall on the way home.  We looked around for a while and Brandon found this gumball machine.IMG_9545

We already had two or three different kinds of gumball machines around our house but the price on this one we couldn’t pass it up.  Now I will have to clean it up, fill it up and find it a home!

It was a really nice day of bargain hunting.  I am looking forward to going back to Hartville when the weather cooperates and there are more venders. We always seem to find interesting things there even when there are not too many vendors.

I am just happy that it is unofficially the beginning of summer!  Have a great holiday weekend!

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