Cleveland Indians and The Cleveland Zoo

Brandon won tickets at work to an event that combines two things I  love, the zoo and baseball.  This year’s Cleveland Indians season ticket holder player meet and greet was held at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  We attended a meet and greet at the stadium about 5 years ago and we had a great time so we were really looking forward to going to this event.

We haven’t been to the zoo yet this season.  They have just opened the Elephant Crossing exhibit in May and we are attending a separate function for zoo members, Elephant Tuesday, next week where we get an up close and personal walk through of that exhibit.  I am very excited about that so I will just show a quick pic of the area and the elephants.  I really missed the elephants while they were away!  I am so happy they are back.IMG_9554 - Copy


The new exhibit gives the elephants lots more room and is a really nice upgrade to the old exhibit.

We went into the greenhouse to see the butterflies.  There were only a couple other people in there with us so I finally got a few really good pictures of some of the butterflies….IMG_9571 - Copy

The Atlas Butterfly was really spectacular at about 10 – 12 inches wide….hard to tell the size in the photo..


I wish I could now show you the pictures I took of the Indians players as they gave us their autographs but no photos were allowed.  Bummer.  We had a really good time anyway.  Brandon and Dane were both sick so we left the event a little early.  This is Dane’s last week of school so I am sure we will be going to the zoo a few more times this summer.

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