The Mythic Creatures:  Dragons, Unicorns & Mythic Creatures Exhibit Cleveland Natural History Museum

Friday night we attended the The Mythic Creatures:  Dragons, Unicorns & Mythic Creatures Exhibit at the Cleveland Natural History Museum.  This is a traveling exhibit and it has been at museums from New York, Atlanta to Sydney, Australia.  We have been waiting for the exhibit to come to Cleveland and it is now here until July.

Joe Leonard has a few pieces in the exhibit.   Joe Leonard is a good friend and is an extraordinary wood carver.  Joe designs and carves one of kind treasures for customers all over the world.  One of his claims to fame is that he designed and carved the 17 armored horses for the outside row of the Euro-Disney Carousel in Paris, France.

About 10 years ago, Brandon took a few carving lessons from Joe.  They have become good friends over the years.  Brandon goes to Joe’s shop weekly and helps out on his current projects.  He helped on Joe’s Pegasus which is in the exhibit and we were excited to see Joe’s carvings in the exhibit.

Here are some pictures of the exhibit.  First is a blurry picture of Brandon and Joe, I am a very good photographer 🙂

Joe and Brandon


Brandon and The Pegasus at the Mythic Creatures Exhibit


Joe Leonard's Griffin at the Mythic Creatures Exhibit


Dane and a Unicorn at the Mythic Creatures Exhibit

Mermaid - Ship Figurehead at the Mythic Creatures Exhibit


Display of Mythical Action Figures


The Kraken at the Mythic Creatures Exhibit


There is plenty more to see at the exhibit.  Also, while at the museum don’t miss the outdoor area where they have animals native to Ohio.  They have birds, otters, foxes and much more.  They have deer too and this young buck was enjoying the stream on that warm March evening.


The Natural History Museum has always been one of our favorite museums in the area.  Make sure to check out the Mythical Creatures exhibit.  It will be here until July 1st.  Also, if you want to see more of Joe Leonard‘s works, check out his website by clicking on his name.





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