Pinterest Inspiration…..

The last few months I have been enjoying Pinterest.  I really love pinning items I love and having a great way to keep track of all of the great things I come across.  It has really helped me keep organized.  My bookmarks were out of control and now this is just a great way for me to be able to organize and be able to locate a site without a lot of fumbling about.

It also has made me really want to try some new things and I decided that it’s time to get off my butt and stop thinking about doing some of these ideas and just get to it already!

This is one of the first of my Pins….

I really fell in love these!  So I decided I would make a few for myself for my potting bench.  I went and bought some new pots to paint and here is are my versions….



I love my planters.  I love this idea and I would never would have found it if I hadn’t started using Pinterest.  I am now working on adding Pinterest buttons on my blog and that will keep me busy for the day figuring that out! 😉

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