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I spend a little time just about every day looking around on Pinterest.  I get so many ideas there, more ideas than I have time to follow through on.  I have seen a lot of these drippy candles and I have pinned numerous ones thinking I would give them a whirl.  This is the one that gave me the push to finally just try my hand at making some…

Inspiration - Original Pin from Taylor A Baird Blog


We had a cardboard mailer tube here that I had Brandon cut into a couple different lengths…

Then I cut the top edge uneven to more closely resemble how a real candle burns unevenly.  I traced the inner diameter onto some scrap cardboard, cut it out and glued it into the tube to hold the LED tea light…

Making Glue Stick Drippy Candles

Then it was time to start using the glue gun….

 Making Drippy Candles

With a little experimentation this is what I found to work the best for me.  I ran a bead around the whole diameter of the tube stopping along the way to allow it to drip down the side.  I allowed it to cool and went back and added where I thought it looked like it needed more drips….

Making Glue Stick Drippy Candles

After cleaning up the glue webs, I base coated them with antique white acrylic paint and then shaded the drips with burnt umber.

I made 6 to fit into my hurricanes and I am pretty pleased with how they turned out, so much so that I made another six to use around the house!


DIY Drippy Candles



DIY Drippy Candles

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