Haunted Mansion Inspired Bat Wing Clock





I just finished my newest Bat Wing Clock.  I am a Disney, Haunted Mansion fan and I have been wanting to do a clock like this for a while.  I finally just did it.  There are a few ghostly friends on the clock.  The top is painted with a outdoor cemetery scene with the Hitchhiking Ghosts looking to go home with you…  The clock face is painted with my rendition of ghostly portrait flanked by the pattern of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper.

Haunted Mansion Inspired Mantel Clock


Haunted Mansion Bat Wing Clock

Haunted Mansion Bat Wing Clock



The Haunted Mansion Inspired Bat Wing Clock

I really enjoyed doing this clock.  It was really challenging painting the Hitchhikers.  They are pretty detailed and their small size caused me to resort to me wearing my readers the whole time I painted them!  The wallpaper pattern was pretty tedious to paint too.

I am listing this clock on  Etsy.  If you are interested check it out!

I am hoping to do a Halloween Blog Party this year.  We definitely have a theme going on around here.  You can tell we are going through some sort of Disney withdrawal or something.  Check out the awesome changing portrait my ingenious husband created to hang above our fireplace…….

Haunted Mansion Inspired Master Gracey Changing Portrait


Master Gracey Changing Portrait Reproduction

If you want to see it in action there is a video on his blog as well as information on how he made it.  I love it!  Now I will have to find a way to get it to fit into my Christmas decor too!



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