We’re Living In Whooville!!!

Happy New Year!   Snow! Snow! Snow!.  It just won’t quit!  It’s been snowing   non-stop for the past four days.  I know that this is just part of the joy of living in the snow belt  of Northeast Ohio but really, it can stop now and give us a break!

It has snowed so much that the snow is collapsing on itself and making everything look like we are living in Dr. Suess’ Whooville.  Everything looks like big rolly polly  marshmallows.  Here are a couple of pictures of our deck and backyard…IMG_5482



With the lovely weather I won’t be doing much traveling and that will give me plenty of time to get the clock I started before the holidays done and start on a couple projects I have been thinking about doing.   🙂

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  1. Popping in 4 a belated hello & happy 2010 lady!

    Your SpOOky fiend,


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