Where have I been?

Brandon and I took a road trip last weekend….welcome

We went to a convention for the Nutcracker Collector’s Club….if you want to see more about that pop over to Brandon’s blog!

Time is just flying by.  Only a few more weeks of school left!!!  I know Dane is excited about that!  I’m going to get busier.

I have lots to get done for the Mad Tea Party.  I have been working on a few ideas and getting together some giveaway items too.  Now I just have to get everything done and put together for the big day.

I also am finally getting to planting flowers, planting our garden and getting the outside ready for the summer season.  It seems like I started later than everyone else around here but it had been pretty cold and I hate dragging plants back and forth from the garage and covering those I have planted.  So I bought a mess of plants today for my planters and plan on getting them planted today!


Potting Bench

Annuals For Deck Planters

Annuals For Deck Planters

Black Eyed Susan Vine

Black Eyed Susan Vine

It is a dangerous thing going to the nurseries around here.  I could spend sooooo much money on all the beautiful flowers.  Good thing I am running out of room.  We only have one more area to get to.  We had some trees taken down and now there is an open area that definitely needs some clearing out and planting.

Well, I am off to get some of this work done!  Check back soon for some Tea Party updates and I am working on some Halloween items too!

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