A Trip To The Zoo!

The son and I took a trip to the Akron Zoo today.  We have been looking forward to going all summer and finally made it.  We were excited to see the jaguar cubs.

Jaguar Cubs

Jaguar Cubs playing in the water

Jaguar Mommy

Jaguar Mommy watching over her cubs

It was crazy trying to get to see the cubs.  I think everyone at the zoo was there just to see them and that is where they all were.  We finally got in close enough to get a good view of them and it was worth it.

Every time we go to the Akron Zoo we have to get a picture of the llamas because they always make us laugh….


Say Cheese, Llama

We really like the Akron Zoo.  Brandon and I grew up in Northeast Ohio and had never been there up until a couple years ago and it is a really nice zoo.  It’s not huge but they do a very nice job with their exhibits and have a good variety of animals.  It makes a nice day trip.


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